IBSA Fund Annual Report- GUINEA-BISSAU 3


Rural Electrification through Solar-energy Systems

Approved Budget:


Duration Project I:

July 2011 – May 2015

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25 villages; Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; UNDP Guinea-Bissau; Central Electronics Limited


This initiative focused on bringing solar energy to 20 villages and expanded the solar energy component of a previous IBSA Fund project in Guinea-Bissau, incorporating lessons from the five pilot villages that had initially received and had been using solar equipment. It supported all villages to develop effective and sustainable management of solar equipment.

Key Achievements

  • 20,000 community members benefited from solar energy provided in their homes, schools and community centres and for street lights and solar water pumps.
  • 120 beneficiaries (62% female) participated in workshops on village mobilization regarding the management of solar energy systems. Other community members volunteered for the work supporting the installation of solar equipment.
  • The solar energy in youth centres and schools helped women to learn to read and write in the evenings.

Challenges and Lesson Learned

  • This project benefited from the lessons learned during previous IBSA Fund projects in Guinea-Bissau, particularly the pilot initiative providing solar energy equipment. It incorporated concerns about community organization for the management of micro-utilities as well as the safety and security of solar energy systems.
  • Heavy rains damaged solar panels in one of the partner villages. The external infrastructure for hosting the equipment was subsequently reinforced, and a partnership was established with the Secretary of State for Energy to assist in reviewing and maintaining solar panels installed by the project.
Preparation to install a solar street light