IBSA Fund Annual Report- MALAWI & ZAMBIA

Malawi and Zambia

Eliminating Child Marriages in Malawi and Zambia and Offering Scholarships to Child Marriage Survivors: Pilot Project

Approved Budget:



April 2019 – June 2020

Mostly contributing to:


Regional Level

African Union Commission (AUC); UN Women Ethiopia  

Partners in Malawi

Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs; Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare; Malawi National Partnership to End Child Marriage; UN Women Malawi; national women’s rights organizations; community and religious leaders

Partners in Zambia

Ministry of Justice; Ministry of Gender; Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development; UN Women ESARO; Campaign for Female Education; national women’s rights organizations; community and religious leaders


The project focuses on contributing to and accelerating the implementation of the Africa and global commitments to ending child marriage as a way of achieving the broader development goals of gender equality, freedom from poverty, and a just world, thereby contributing to the 2030 Agenda and SDGs. Working closely with the respective Government in Malawi and Zambia along with local, regional and global institutions, the project will help to reposition young women and girls who have experienced child marriage to be at the centre of a social movement while leveraging the transformative power of traditional institutions. Through coordination and capacity-building of both government and civil society, the project will strengthen accountability and efficiency in the efforts to eliminate child marriages. The project will provide scholarships and support to 1,417 young women and girls to re-enrol in school after early marriage.

Results (Intended Outcomes/Outputs)

  • Improvement of an enabling legislative and policy environment that promotes access to education by child-marriage survivors.
  • Adoption of favourable social norms, attitudes and behaviours towards investing in the education of child-marriage survivors to prevent violence against women and girls.
  • Expansion of access to quality essential services for survivors of child marriage.
Consultation with young mothers and adolescents