IBSA Fund Annual Report- SIERRA LEONE 2

Sierra Leone

Leadership Development and Capacity-building for Human Development and Poverty Reductiony

Approved Budget:



June 2011–


May 2013

Mostly contributing to:

SDG 16


Office of the President of Sierra Leone; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; UNDP Sierra Leone


This project strengthened the capacity of key State institutions in Sierra Leone to implement macroeconomic reforms and good governance practices for poverty eradication. It supported human-resource planning and management, strategy and policy development, implementation and monitoring of delivery to support the further betterment of leadership to advance human development and poverty reduction.

Key Achievements

  • The project provided training to civil servants of seven pilot ministries on results-based management and performance contracting in the public sector; established institutional “surge” capacity support to the Cabinet Secretariat; supported the establishment of a roster of technical experts; and also supported a reform initiative regarding the Policy, Planning and Research Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Civil servants of the Presidential Cabinet and the Government increased their knowledge and capacity to deliver public services through South-South cooperation with the Governments of Ghana, India and Kenya. A joint commission of cooperation with the Government of Kenya was established. The Nigerian Foreign Service Academy supported the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in enhancing the capacities of ambassadors.


Since the project supported capacity-building at the Office of the President and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it called for political sensitivity but no major challenges materialized.

Discussion on civil service policies and administrative tools