The past two decades have seen South-South and triangular cooperation grow rapidly in scale, intensity, and modalities. Yet the quality and availability of information on the scale and impact of these partnerships has not kept pace with this growing demand. This knowledge gap is a major obstacle that is hindering the scale-up of South-South cooperation, and the maximization of its impact on sustainable development.

In response, UNOSSC with UNDP jointly established the South-South Global Thinkers – The Global Coalition of Think Tank Networks for South-South Cooperation. The South-South Global Thinkers is a community where think tank networks from the global South and North can come together and engage in policy dialogues, and share knowledge, expertise, and Southern perspectives. Through this community, networks involving more than 200 think tanks will have a platform to enable joint research and knowledge sharing that aim to inform policy dialogues and agenda-setting on South-South cooperation.

For more information please visit the South-South Global Thinkers web page.