UNOSSC works to enable developing countries to implement the 2030 Agenda through harnessing South-South and triangular cooperation knowledge exchange, capacity-building, and facilitation of technology development and transfer.


South-South Galaxy

UNOSSC, along with its development partners, has established a digital interactive platform, the South-South Galaxy, to respond more systematically and effectively in supporting developing countries’ demand to connect, learn and collaborate with potential partners to support the implementation of the SDGs through South-South cooperation. Powered by artificial intelligence, this system was established in response to Member States expectations and recommendations. Click here to access the South-South Galaxy.


South-South Global Thinkers: A global coalition of think tank networks for South-South Cooperation

In 2017, UNOSSC and UNDP launched the South-South Global Thinkers initiative – A Global Coalition of Think Tank Networks for SSC in partnership with various Southern-led think tank networks and private sector entities. The initiative contributes to the body of evidence and knowledge on issues pertinent to SSC.  This is a joint effort to draw on the high-quality expertise of think tank networks and research institutes from the South (as well as some from the North) and to develop a platform for SSC research, knowledge sharing and dialogues. Click here to access the South-South Global Thinkers.


Good Practices in South-South and Triangular Cooperation for Sustainable Development

UNOSSC has been developing this flagship publication since 2016 along with thematically and typology focused editions that document innovative SSC initiatives and mechanisms, cross-country transfer of knowledge and experience, strategies for overcoming common challenges, impact design and replication at scale. This flagship product mobilized the active engagement of over 30 UN agencies and 80 Member States and partner institutions in identifying and documenting good practice. Click here to access.


South-South in Action series

Since 2018, UNOSSC has been supporting Member States, intergovernmental organizations, civil society, development partners and United Nations entities in the development of volumes of the South-South in Action series. The series provides partners with a platform to showcase their successful policies, initiatives and activities that have led to the achievement of some of their development goals through South-South and triangular cooperation. Click here to access.


Independent comprehensive report on South-South and triangular cooperation

This report provides an innovative analysis of local, regional and global Southern collaborative initiatives to scale up the understanding, support and impact of SSTC. In 2019, the first report entitled Cooperation beyond Convention reviewed the history and transformation of South-South and triangular cooperation, and explored the diversity of cooperative models, their impact on current global challenges, including sustainable development and poverty reduction, and the need for more innovative and inclusive strategies to scale them up.