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Building biodiversity-focused businesses to improve lives and livelihoods in Togo

Biodiversity is under threat across the globe. The causes are many and varied and include population growth and the resulting change in land use, as well as the more rapid exploitation of resources such as wood, wildlife, minerals, non-forest timber […]

Early warning system and Flying Labs help the Gambia to mitigate the impacts of flash floods

Flash floods have long posed challenges for the Gambia. They destroy crops, wash away homes and, if someone is unfortunate enough to live among the poorer communities or along its canals, they can bring up sewage and even crocodiles.  Flanked […]

Expanding access to information in Samoa

Access to information is the foundation of equitable development. When citizens exercise their right to know, they can hold public and other institutions accountable, participate and make decisions about their lives.  Access to information is closely connected to freedom of […]

Cameroon’s Solar Mamas Light the Way

“Power cuts are common in this town and can last for four hours,” says Evelyn, who sells barbecued fish every evening in Maroua in the North of Cameroon. This doesn’t just mean that residents have to use battery-powered lights to […]

Expanding access to information and digital transformation in Samoa

Access to information is the foundation of equitable development. Information not only empowers people to make decisions, but also allows them to exercise their rights, be economically active, learn new skills, and hold their governments accountable. For the people of […]

South-South and Triangular Cooperation Can Address the Science, Technology and Innovation Gap

On the sidelines of the 8th Multi-stakeholder Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) for the Sustainable Development Goals (2023 STI Forum), a policy dialogue was convened to review the progress and challenges of integrating STI into national, regional and […]

OMO Reserve Nigeria

The multiplier effects of South-South Cooperation

  “South-South cooperation is built on the principles of equality, mutual respect and shared development. It recognizes that every nation, regardless of its economic status, has unique experiences, knowledge and expertise to contribute.” With these word, H.E. Mr. Ruchira Komboji, […]

G77 Havana Declaration Focuses on Science, Technology, and Innovation Ahead of the UNGA

On 16 September, the Summit of Heads of States and Governments of the Group of 77 (G77) and China adopted the Havana Declaration, which emphasized the importance of South-South and triangular cooperation in science, technology, and innovation. The Summit – […]

India-UN Fund: Rural Cameroon Illuminated with Affordable Solar Power

In Africa solar power is offering a unique opportunity to provide affordable, reliable, and sustainable electricity to a large share of humanity – improving economic opportunities and quality of life. [1] Given solar power’s potential, the UN, among other multilateral […]