The United Nations Fund for South-South cooperation (UNFSSC) implements development activities across the Global South characterized by broad and inclusive partnership. With leadership and governance by all stakeholders, UNFSSC has a 25+ year track record of strong results in supporting developing countries toward achieving their sustainable development goals.

Established by General Assembly resolution 50/119, UNFSSC is a voluntary trust fund that facilitates and supports South-South cooperation toward achievement of all internationally agreed development goals, including the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Since its establishment in 1995, UNFSSC has promoted, supported and implemented South-South cooperation by facilitating voluntary contributions and the strategic allocation of resources based on priorities identified by developing countries. The Fund is a legal, operational and governance framework for engaging partners, pooling resources and jointly implementing South-South cooperation.


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Contact Information

Secretariat United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation in United Nations Development Programme
304 East 45th Street, FF-11 New York, NY, 10017

Xiaojun Grace Wang, Trust Fund Director and Chief Programme Support

Ms. Ines Tofalo, Trust Fund and Project Management Specialist

Ms. Dingding Sun, Programme Coordination Specialist