UNOSSC financially manages and supports implementation of trust funds that support collaboration and piloting of South-South initiatives across the globe, namely:



• United Nations Fund for South-South Cooperation (UNFSSC)

Was established in 1996, to promote, support and implement South-South cooperation. It constitutes a core element of the United Nations system support to Member States in their strategy to engage partners and mobilize resource for the joint implementation of innovative and transformative South-South cooperation activities. In recent years, 29 partners, mostly Member States, contributed to the UNFSSC through dedicated facilities to support UNOSSC platforms for South-South cooperation or for initiatives of particular relevance to the South.


• Pérez-Guerrero Trust Fund for South-South Cooperation (PGTF)

Was established in 1983 and is managed by UNOSSC on behalf of the Group of 77 (G-77). The PGTF provides catalytic financial support for cooperative projects carried out by three or more developing-country members of the G-77.


• India, Brazil and South Africa Facility for Poverty and Hunger Alleviation (IBSA Fund)

Became operational in 2006, to support developing countries on a demand-driven basis in addressing their development challenges. The IBSA Fund implements, through partnerships, replicable and scalable projects that can be disseminated to interested developing countries as examples of best practices in the fight against poverty and hunger.


• India-UN Development Partnership Fund

The India-UN Development Partnership Fund is a dedicated facility established in 2017 within UNFSSC. It is supported and led by the Government of the Republic of India, managed by UNOSSC, and implemented in collaboration with the United Nations system. The India-UN Development Partnership Fund supports Southern-owned and led, demand-driven, and transformational sustainable development projects across the developing world, with a focus on least developed countries and small island developing states. United Nations agencies implement the Funds projects in close collaboration with partnering governments.





For more information please contact:

Xiaojun Grace Wang
Trust Fund Director and Chief Programme Support

Ines Tofalo
Trust Fund and Project Management Specialist