In response to the General Assembly resolution 72/237 of 23 January 2018, in 2018, UNOSSC established an inter-agency mechanism to encourage joint UN support to South-South and triangular initiatives and sharing of information on development activities as well as results achieved by various organizations. Since then, UNOSSC has been regularly coordinating the Inter-Agency Mechanism for South-South cooperation across the United Nations system, including coordination of the inputs from UN Agencies into the preparatory process of the Second United Nations High-level Conference on South-South Cooperation.


United Nations system-wide strategy on South-South and triangular cooperation

As mandated by the United Nations Secretary General, UNOSSC led the development of the United Nations System-wide Strategy on South-South Cooperation for Sustainable Development (2020-2024) through a highly inclusive and participatory process involving over 30 UN entities within the framework of the United Nations Inter-Agency Mechanism for South-South and Triangular Cooperation, while taking into/ account the ongoing repositioning of the UNDS and keeping Member States fully informed. The strategy, approved by the SGs Executive Committee in 2020, will provide a system-wide policy orientation to United Nations entities in order to galvanize a coordinated, coherent approach to the policy and programmatic work of the United Nations system on South-South and triangular cooperation. An action plan and monitoring framework for the Strategy was prepared in 2021 and baseline data gathered in early 2022 was included in the SGs Annual Report to the GA on the State of SSC. Click here to read the Strategy.